How to become a published author

I’m obviously not an expert on being a published author, after all I’m only just publishing my first book, but I was thrilled to give Psychologies Magazine the benefit of my experience for this article . It takes you through the journey I went on to finally secure a publishing deal and the obstacles I faced along the way. For non-fiction books I would say the main one was trying to get publishers to take on a project that researched women who aren’t widely known among the general public. Even though over the years I have come across many interesting women who I thought were worthy of further attention, I was often met with resistance from the sales and marketing departments of publishing houses who told me that they would be a “hard sell” to book shops and readers. Equally, I was told that publishers also want to publish books that are new and different but familiar – as an author this is very hard to achieve. However, after many false starts I managed to garner enough interest in Minnie Paget and her buccaneers to secure a deal. It wasn’t easy to find the right women but I hope when people read their story they will be as interested in them as I was.


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